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The New Way to 

Get Qualified


Trade Show 


You want to make the best use of your investment at your trade show booth, don’t you?  How are you going to get people to stop at your booth?  How will you know if they are a qualified leads?  How are you going to spark interest in your product or services?  By giving away chocolates and pens?

I have a better way.  Every company needs a character.  A person to represent them.  Someone who is larger than life.  That’s me!

Back in my 20's I used to work the Renaissance Faire.  I know how to gather a crowd and keep them there with improvisational comedy and magic.  I'm a personality!  At the same time I will deliver your corporate message in a customized presentation that we work on together. I will qualify your leads, create a sensation, and leave a lasting impression on the attendees.  Most importantly I will leave a memorable experience for your future clients.  Future clients that I hand over to your sales people.

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