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An extraordinary, Unique, Experience.

Personal Private events

Many people who have done well financially in their lives have all the things they could ever want.  What they are lacking are extraordinary,  unique, experiences that they can share with a select group of friends or associates.  Something that can talk about long after the experience is over.

I bring you a truly unique experience of magic up-close and personal for you.


Mysto the Magi started his performing and study of magic when he was 12 years old.
Now in his middle years, he has compiled only the best sleight of hand magic in a
multitude of categories. You see, most magicians only focus one or two categories of magic.
Though Mysto has seemed to accomplish the impossible by becoming an expert in many categories of magic; gambling magic, story-telling magic, mentalism, and even bazaar magic. Mysto brings you an entertaining, educational, fun, and a truly unique personal experience for you and your small group of friends.

                                              You won’t see this anywhere else.

This unique and extraordinary magical experience can be customized for the needs of your event, featuring 30-, 45-, 60- and 75-minute performances.

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