ABOUT US...you and me.

I started performing magic when I was 12 years old.  I performed on my first real stage in front of 300 people when I was just 14.  Since those early years I have performed magic in just about every situation  imaginable.  From literally performing in the dirt and my dressing room was a closet to Hollywood Movies, Cruise Ships, and the fanciest resorts where my dressing room was a suite.  I have performed over 10,000 shows in my lifetime.  I have seen so much and been put in so many strange situations and I always seem to come out shining.  

I can tell you about the awards I have won, or the celebrities I have met, or the places I have been, but what is really important to me...Is You.  

After all this time, I have realized it is no longer about me.  It is about how I can help you get what you want and what you need for next event, celebration, banquet, meeting, or a recommendation for a good handyman.  I can help.  I am a connector.  I know lots of people from all walks of life.  If I can't help you, I will find the person who can.  That is my promise.  That is my guarantee.

Our Vision...Not My Vision.    Because it takes a village.

My vision is to make your job easier.  With simple contracts and paperwork all in one place, to creating a flow to your event that works physically and creates those personal connections we all desire.  I have been to so many events that could have worked better if things were set up a little differently. 

I can help you with that. 

I work with you, your meeting planner, and the venues banquet manager to set things up so they flow better, so they are lighted correctly, so people are not tired and burnt out half way through the session.     We examine what has worked well in the past and what has been a bit wonky and to improve on those.  I also have a team of my own  to bring you all the best ideas from experienced professionals in my field at no extra cost to you..