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About Mitch

Mitch's vast experience of over 10,000 shows has helped create successful events at  sales meetings, conferences, award banquets, holiday parties, product launches, wrap parties, golf tournaments, company get-a-ways, and many other special corporate events.


Mitch (also known as Mysto) presents his award winning "mingling magic" at your hospitality suite and during your cocktail reception. Mitch helps create those special introductions that can lead to lasting friendships and sales. 


To bring a great finale to your event Mitch presents a full 45-minute after-dinner show. Through a mix of electro-swing music, comedy, and audience involvement, Mitch delivers a stunning show as the catalyst for a mind-blowing evening. 

Guests will leave with  a one-of-a-kind, personalized experience, paired directly with the memory of your business.

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