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Motivational Speaking

Mitch's Ted Talk comes in 15 , 30 , and 45 minute speeches.   Mitch discusses how his 45 year pursuit of magic in his life has taught him the tools to create his own reality.  Now he will share them with your team.  Using story-telling and illustrating his concepts with wildly entertaining and mind blowing magic Mitch will show your people how to be happier and more productive in the workplace and in life.    Each speech goes into greater detail and the 45 minute speech has interactive exercises and discussions which anchor the new knowledge over old belief systems.

Is your creative team stuck or bogged down?  Mitch leads an interactive program on "out of the box" thinking.  Again, illustrating his ideas with magic. He brings forth the tools to"think like a magician"  When faced with the impossible the discussion does not end.  If you are a magician, the impossible is where the discussion begins!

Got some time? Watch the whole speech here

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